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What art do you most identify with?

In a recent interview with Jeff Howe, I asked the question, “What Art do you most identify with?” I’ve known Jeff for several years now and have been a long time fan of all of his creations, but have never really figured out what art is truest to him.

“With art I like sculpture and I like raw given the option. I do very much enjoy some of my more refined pieces. Refined art, refined things are nice, I do enjoy them. But as of late I’m more raw. I like things that are urban and industrial, things that are complete but not finished.

Recycle the parts, the renew and reuse thing has always been my gig. I’m a Yankee carpenter, I learned that years ago. I make art out of “What do I have available? What can I work with? I’ve made all kinds of things out of pallets for years in the army because that’s, “What do you have? I’ve got pallets left and right.” and they are free and they are available. I have enough skill and tools to be able to turn that use-able  For a long time I’ve had the money to buy the materials, and I could, but now I make all this out of leftover material anyway, why spend the money? After I finish off a job I do dumpster diving I search about 5 or 6 dumpsters 3 or 4 times a week all around my house. Renew and reuse.

There’s some way that they say it, car guys that is. They like the “Rat Rods”. It’s a rust bucket, it’s messed up, the corners aren’t straight. It’s not quite right but it’s done, I like it just where it is. It’s become a thing again. I don’t necessarily want the Shelby Mustang thing, all polished and pretty and neat. I want something that I got the kids down the street to work on and they banged on it and it’s rusty and it’s messed up and it sounds weird. There’s actually some interest in it. There’s depth to it.”