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Wine Bottle Lamps

The very first lamp in the slideshow was the prototype for my wine bottle lamp series. I was inspired by a friend who had been making jewelry out of wine bottles and thought, “What else can i do with this? I own a couple of tile saws, let’s try this out!”  The base is European Beach Wood.  The brass doorknobs were from a construction job I did a while back, my client was just going to throw them out.  The copper tubing is from a jacuzzi I replaced.  The exterior switch was also found on a job site, the lid was broken but I saved it anyways. The frosted globe gives it a semi opaque look rather than the stock glow you get from the bottle.

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The second lamp in the series is called the Ogre Lamp (the Shrek ears!). For this one I used the same European beach wood from the first model, except this time I grounded all the finish off of the wood and splashed it with spray paint to make it look a little more urban.  The switch is an exterior light switch off the barn I built 12 years ago, the same barn I later built into an apartment and found the birch bark for the Olympic Spider Lamp. The bottles are matching champagne bottles.

Next is the Rex Goliath, the 47 pound rooster! This one is my favorite. For this I said let’s do one where I don’t frost it, cut it in half and see what happens.  Again using the same European beach wood.

Lastly is the Olympic Spider.  While I was remodeling a barn (the same one I salvaged the switch from for the Ogre Lamp) into an apartment I saw that the neighbors of my client had this group of birch trees.  So I grabbed the bark on the ground. I tested it out on a wine bottle at first, made a solid circle with the birch bark. And it sat in my shop for about 6 months, I couldn’t figure out how to light it. Around Halloween time it finally came to me. The birch bark is wrapped around a plywood base. I used a left over electrical conduit and connectors. The copper wiring for the web in the center came from when I was working on the Boys and Girls Club in Hollywood. The wine bottles are stuffed with mini lights, the short stranded kind. In the center of the web is a hand cut and pounded sheet metal spider. I call this one the Olympic Spider because the positioning of the bottles remind me of the Olympic rings.

The greatest thing about these lamps is that I can make them again and again and they will never be the same each time, and people love that, having something no one else will ever have.

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