Donny has risen




Donny got some work. It has been sometime since Donny has done antthing but get rolled around the office. Moved from one spot to the other out of the way of daily work. He has been a struggle in my head about if I make the proporations correct. Hesitant because of a lack of belief in my ability to make a human figure look like I see it and how I want Donny to appear. He is my first try at anything this large or complex. I am self taught , I have self doubt. I needed to weld ,I needed to create. Im happy with the progress. I like the shape. One more hurdle cleared. I got an email from the El Paseo art director for the sculpture entry of 2015/16. That would be a great start for Donny 2 years in the desert would be great for his Patina.


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