Crazy Upcycled Projects

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Check out the 8 most awesome trash to treasure ideas.

Here at CultureRunwe celebrate re-use! Don’t waste by chucking out your old stuff or letting them sit in the closet collecting dust. Upcycle them into awesomeness!

Upcycling: taking something disposable and creating something of higher value with it.

8. Computer Trainers by Junk artist Gabriel Dishaw.

7. Discarded Wood Chips into Couture Corset by Stefanie Nieuwenhuys

6. Old Book into a handy laptop cover!

5. Old Clothing into Stylish Chairs by Tobias Juretzek

4. Nintendo N-64 Controller Desk Organizer by GreenCub

3. Kooky plastic fork and bottle headgear by Fashion photographer Tomaas

2. iMac Pet Bed bAtomicAttic

1. Turn an Old Piano into an outdoor garden and water fountain

Want to breathe new life back into your old stuff?
Bring some authenticity and handmade back into the holidays and get started upcycling with Su-Zen at her DIY: Upcycling workshop (ShareShop) this…

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