My Workshop

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I’m a collector. The wooden flowers are scraps of lumber that I’ve had for years. Some of it came out of the furniture I made my wife when I was in the army. I still have walnut pieces that are in some of these flowers. Most of the time I find the parts and go, “uh huh! yeah! that will be! I don’t know what yet but that will be something.”

I yanked a power door closer up from a roll up door. Big gear box on this thing, the parts probably weighed like 300 pounds. Gigantic steel plate on it, high horse powered motor. I took the thing and said, “Well, I don’t know what yet, but, gears, pullies, brass parts…” So I brought it home and stripped it down. Now all of those parts are still sitting in boxes and crates and jars back in the office.

My office has gotten horribly dysfunctional, which makes me crazy because as a contractor I’m very neat and organized, very efficient. With the art I’m a little looser. My world, my office, has been taken over and it continues to grow. The materials guide me. When I did the Elvis House I had a bunch of sheet metal around, that was where the metal flowers came from.

I like flowers, flowers are one of my favorite. It’s a very loose interpretation. I can make anything a flower. It doesn’t have to be a tulip or an orchid, there’s a lot of license in there. “What is it? Well, it’s a flower.” You don’t have to get real specific. “Round is my world.” That’s my joke as the contractor. Round is me. Can you make this do that? Yes I can!


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